Everyone Deserves a Chance to Work.

Our Vision

AccuTran Industries’ vision is to assist exceptional people obtain training and life skills in a safe environment to facilitate holistic growth, active community involvement and mutual acceptance. 

Our Mission

Its mission is to provide a safe place for exceptional adults in Bourbon, Harrison and Nicholas Counties to learn career and social development, through personal and professional growth, job training, community awareness, advocacy and corporate partnership while getting paid.

Our Story

AccuTran began in 1969 when a group of concerned citizens banded together to create a place for mentally disabled adults to come together and learn life skills.  In 1972, a grant was received from the Bluegrass Association for MH/MR and the Bourbon County Adult Training Center was established.

In 1984, the Bourbon County Adult Training Center became independent and became AccuTran Inc.  As the organization conducted more outreach the Board saw other groups of people who needed help and AccuTran expanded its services to include mental, physical, developmental, and substance abuse related disabilities.  

In 1988 we began working in our present location, a 14,000 square foot facility, on Legion Drive in Paris.  In 1997, AccuTran Inc. changed its name to AccuTran Industries, a sheltered workshop and a production facility. 

In 2016, AccuTran Industries established PROTECK Professional Rehabilitation, Occupational Training and Employment Centers of Kentucky to expand the role of the organization to more fully help its participants integrate into the general workforce. 

About Us

AccuTran Industries is a United Way of the Bluegrass Partner, a Bluegrass.org contractor and a supplier to some of the area’s most prominent employers.  Through employment at AccuTran Industries, adults with disabilities and other barriers to employment find a place where they can be comfortable, accepted, learn life and work skills and earn a paycheck.  In 2017 and 2018 our participants earned over $520,000. AccuTran Industries also serves area businesses by providing quality, manually produced products.  The participants at AccuTran Industries are trained to work on specialized component assembly and most are capable of doing many different jobs and providing a variety of services.  

In 2017 and 2018 AccuTran participants assembled, packaged and shipped over 22.15 million fasteners and clamps. They assembled and shipped over 348,000 specialty shipping containers and boxes, while others were placed with a customer to establish a cost saving program for a total of 6,956 hours.

Everyone Deserves a Chance to Work.

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I can’t begin to tell you how much help that your company did for us. Once you were contacted it was just a matter of a few days and you had the task completed and with good quality workmanship. It allowed my company to fulfill important orders and to meet strict deadlines that we would not have otherwise been able to accomplish.  Thanks again.
— Jim Sherwood - Easy Gardener/Jobes Company

Some Participants’ Stories

Codie’s Story 

“As Codie was finishing up his senior year at high school, I became increasingly aware that our family was going to need to make a drastic change. My days as a ‘stay-at-home’ mom had ended, as I had recently joined the public workforce and Codie was no longer going to have the security of spending his day at school. 

That’s when we were introduced to AccuTran.  It has truly been a blessing to our family. 

Codie spends his day in a supervised situation, working at his own snail pace, with no reprimands.  AccuTran offers him an avenue for friendships and an opportunity to develop and maintain his communication skills. Codie doesn’t have many outlets to interact with others except for church. 

The many activities and events held at his workplace help keep him motivated to get up and go to work each day.  He so looks forward to seeing his ‘buddies’ each day.  

Without our wonderful AccuTran, I know I would find Codie sitting in his room watching TV all day long…a very boring, unhealthy situation.  And, I would have to leave my teaching position, which I enjoy so much. AccuTran is our God send!!!”

Susanne’s Story

Just about 2 years’ ago we had Susanne come to us looking for help finding work.  Susanne had worked at some other places in Paris.  The places she tried to work were not accommodating or she had difficulties with the processes which caused nervousness and depression.

Emily and Eddie met with Susanne and showed her around.  She liked AccuTran.  Emily met with her to establish goals. Over the following months Susanne became very sociable and made some friends.  Emily and Eddie helped her with work and outside personal goals, like her healthcare, access to needed resources, and housing.  Since Susanne could not drive, we helped her with her appointments with our own van and FTSB.

Just short of a year with us, Susanne was offered a job at a major manufacturer.  We were very happy and thrilled for her, however a few months later she came back to AccuTran; she was not ready yet to handle the non-stop assembly-line.  We opened our arms welcoming her back. She said that she missed AccuTran’s friendship and caring. We will continue to help her find rewarding work and community events.  We helped Susanne get into a new apartment and get her daily transportation to and from work set up.

Jack’s Story

In early July, Jack came into AccuTran wanting to know what we do and if we could help him find work.  Jack had been working with agencies in other counties but somehow found us.

We told Jack that we help people with disabilities get job and life skills training as well as pay them while they are training.  We gave him a tour and he said that he would let us know.  Jack is very reserved in groups and has some trust issues, especially pertaining to work.  He asked if we were going to fire him before we brought him on board and on numerous occasions afterwards.

Jack has been with us for a mere five months and is having a great time learning how to assemble parts and getting to know the other employees here at AccuTran.  We are also helping Jack adjust his work schedule so he can attend KCTCS classes.

Here is one of the most impressive things about working with Jack, we spoke with one of the groups that had been helping him before and they said that the longest he had ever stayed at one of their placements was two weeks.  AccuTran must be doing something right.